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Name YX-939
Faction Neutral
Function Maintenance
Class Unknown
Alt Mode Sweeper
Species OC


Made for repairing pipework, plumbing and to clean the messes related to the job, YX-939 doesn't really know much about life beyond the sewers and warehouses he helps to clean up and fix. Cautious and wary from a mix of wild vermin that infest these dark corners, anxiety has become a way of life between the various jobs his lot is told to do. As a direct result, working is when he's most at peace; it's the least likely time when something might jump out of the shadows to bite and maim. A simple minicon with the simple desire just to live another day, he's both naive and ignorant of the larger world and the dissent spread through the classes. 


Character BG goes here.


Repair, Maintenance, Waste Disposal Systems, Being Timid, Having Anxiety Issues.


Strength 40 Intelligence 66
Speed 32 Endurance
Rank Courage
Firepower 22 Skill 80
Hit Points Energon


April 2015 Logs
March 2015 Logs
May 2015 Logs

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