Please use each channel for its intended purpose. If you are asked to direct a conversation to a different channel, please do so immediately. Refusal to comply when asked may result in disciplinary measures, such as temporary removal from the abused channel.

IC Channels

  • IC-Autobot/Decepticon/Neutral - In-character faction channels accessible only to characters in each respective group.
  • IC-Cybertron - In-character planet-wide broadcasts. Remember, whatever you say on this channel may be heard by everyone.
  • IC-Nyon - Broadcasts in the city-state of Nyon.
  • Wavespeech - Insecticon IC channel, accessible only to Insecticon characters.

OOC Channels

  • Admin - Staff only.
  • Chain-of-Command - This channel is intended for faction staff and IC faction leaders to discuss/coordinate scenes or TPs, and is only accessible to characters in those positions.
  • Discussion - A general discussion channel for just about anything, except character concepts, as specified in the next item on this list. Please direct any debates or polite arguments here.
  • E-CharDev - Character development channel. Use this for discussing character concepts, ideas, backstories, etc.
  • Help - Have a question? Not sure who to ask specifically? Ask on the Help channel. Any player or staff member may answer on this channel.
  • Public - Random OOC chatter accessible to anyone. Say hello! Try not to spam this channel too much about one thing, however.
  • MUSH-Meeting - Used occasionally for staff-mediated MUSH-wide meetings. 
  • Guest - Guest channel.  This channel is for guests to use for asking questions or chatting about the game. For the sake of reputation, please be careful when using this channel. We would like to avoid turning away any potential new players simply because something inappropriate was said in the wrong place.
  • RP-Scenes - Use this for coordinating scenes, or discussing potential RP. Please try to keep the chatter on this channel to a minimum. If you find yourself steering away from the topic of scene coordination, please use a different channel, such as Public or your OOC faction channel.
  • Spoilers - For discussion of new movies, comics, games, etc. so that people who might not have seen them but are planning on it won't get spoiled unintentionally.
  • O-Autobot/Decepticon/Neutral - OOC Autobot, Decepticon, and Neutral faction channels. 
  • Unrated - Please direct any content that may be inappropriate for younger players, or potentially uncomfortable topics to this channel. That being said, it is still against our policy to talk about engaging in ANY kind of illegal activity ANYWHERE on the game, this channel included.