Name Chimera
Faction Neutral
Function Warrior
Class Unknown
Alt Mode Chimera
Species Original Character
Subgroup Primordial


A primordial beast from the depths of ancient history, the sultry entity that is Chimera is only a ruse to hide the predatory monster that lies beneath. Amazonian in stature, she towers above the rest with an air of malicious intent, keen on toying with the minds of others while turning them into her personal playthings. She is still a killer at spark, however, readily using her energy bow to skewer prey before burning them to a crisp with plasma breath or rending them asunder with tooth and claw of her titanic, chimeric altmode. But all of these pale in comparison to her signature, outlier ability to generate and control electricity, making her a literal, cataclysmic storm on the battlefield.


Advanced Archery, Hunting, Close Quarters Combat, Stalking, Electric Warfare, Plasma Breath, Language: Primal Vernacular, Knowledge: Guiding Hand

Outlier AbilityEdit

Electrokinesis: Chimera's outlier ability revolves around electricity, allowing her to both generate and absorb it. Primarily she prefers to engulf the area around her in a huge discharge, but will often use it in tactical ways such as shooting balls of electric energy or charging her arrows. The only downside to this is that to generate more she needs to move around, leaving her at her least powerful immediately after waking up from recharge.


  • In terms of size scale, Chimera is on par with characters like Ultra Magnus, Grimlock, and Overlord
  • She full on eats people, screw the proboscis thing
  • Her electricity is green colored
  • Chimera's altmode is equally huge and formidable, overshadowing most mechs. Example



Strength 83 Intelligence 78
Speed 51 Endurance
Rank Courage
Firepower 73 Skill 63
Hit Points Energon


April 2015 Logs
February 2015 Logs
  • Monster Hunter: Whirl goes on the hunt for the ultimate game.
  • Waking the Beast: Traversing into an abandoned mineshaft, Exodus discovers something he probably shouldn't.
March 2015 Logs
  • Playing with Your Heart: On a scouting trip, Blast Off encounters the Primordial Chimera- and soon wishes he hadn't. The femme plays a very dark and deadly game, and there is no possible way for the shuttle to fight back against her torturous touch- or is there?
  • Meat and Greet: A primordial visits Polyhex and gets distracted talking to her food.
  • Taming the Lion: Chimera and Slag face off in the first Primordial battle.
May 2015 Logs
  • 051915 - Worst Cop / Thundertits: Motormaster takes on the search for Blurr and starts with questioning the suspect in custody.. and finds unique ways to pass on his message.
  • Fight for Freedom: Awakening in the bowels of Maggot's lair, Chimera and Grimlock must decide whether to play his game and fight, or trust each other and try to escape.

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