Currently a political movement and not an officially recognized group, the Decepticons are named for a phrase from the political manifesto written by a low-caste miner, Megatron ('You are being deceived!'). The movement is anti-functionist in nature, and grown strong in regions like Kaon, where low-castes and disposables eak out a futile existence while others reap the rewards of their labor. Thanks to Senator Proteus' attempt to get Decepticon sympathizers to register their names under the Decepticon Registration Act, the movement has become even more cautious and distrustful. Megatron's manifesto is now considered contraband, and possession of it is a crime. 

Decepticons are almost all Low-Caste, Disposables or Empties, through support for them has gone through even to some of the highest ranks of power. The gladiator arenas of Kaon and the underground illegal race tracks are highly populated by their number, where they recruit, meet and train. Decepticons have no immediate sub-groups, and most Decepticon members or supporters hide their affiliation. Only the bravest souls outwardly show a purple badge, as this can lead to their illegal arrest and subsequent transfer to the Institute.

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