"We cannot solve our problems with the same line of thinking used to create them."

Name Exodus
Faction Autobot
Function Pending
Class Unknown
Alt Mode Cybertronian Transport
Species N/A
Subgroup N/A

Despite his somewhat lowly miner status, Exodus is quite intelligent and organized. He spends what little free time he has in the library, studying science and philosophy. Humble in demeanor and rather soft-spoken, Exodus’ bitter past is evident in his reserved disposition. Slow to anger (and to do just about everything) and compassionate to a fault, Exodus’ excels in his position as a supervisor in the mining district he works in.

When Exodus was born into the mining industry, his twin brother, Genesis, came along with him and the two worked together side by side in the same sect near Kaon.

Both were assigned duties as supervisors. However, the sect Genesis and Exodus worked in was notorious for being the worst mining sect within the district they were assigned to. The shifts were long and grueling, and the conditions were harsh and often fatally dangerous.

Genesis and Exodus, though twins, were as different in personality as day and night. Genesis was impulsive and controlling. A definite go getter with a domineering demeanor, Genesis encouraged risk taking and maintained order among the miners he supervised by asserting his dominance. Exodus, on the other hand, was patient, orderly and compassionate. He excelled mainly by working individually with the right people and memorizing the list of daily duties.

Both of the twins did well in their workplace, though Exodus was better liked by not only the miners in his sect, but also those within their district. So though Exodus felt close to his Genesis, Genesis did not feel the same way—instead, he bred inner contempt and jealousy for Exodus. However, he never shared these bitter feelings with his twin.

Both of them were actively seeking to become employed in a different mining sect within their district, due to the bitter conditions of their current employment.

Now it just so happened that Genesis and Exodus were good friends with Radius and Hardwire, who were older supervisors from a neighboring mining sect. Radius, the eldest of the four friends, was an older mech whose servos were starting to fail him due to multiple accidents that had happened to him at the mining sect he had worked at previously. Furthermore, everyone knew, even Radius himself, that it was simply a matter of time before mines got the best of him. Radius also favored Genesis. Time and time again, Radius told Genesis that if anything ever happened to him, he wanted him to take his place as supervisor of his sect. However, on the contrary, Radius’ partnering supervisor Hardwire, favored Exodus and secretly, she hoped that somehow, Exodus would receive Radius’ position once it was vacated.

One day, when all four of them went out for drinks, Genesis ran short on shanix for drinks. Consequently, Genesis drunkenly begged Exodus to buy him another round. Exodus agreed to do so, on the condition that if and when Radius’ position became availiable, Genesis would allow him to take the position instead. Too over energized to really realize what he was agreeing to, Genesis consented.

Eventually, the mines did get the best of Radius. However, not before he was able to explicitly state in his will that Genesis was his preferred replacement candidate and write an official letter of recommendation for him. Unfortunately, Hardwire had other plans. Exodus was still her favorite, so one cycle she approached Exodus and convinced him to to lie about his identity so he could gain an unfair advantage with the hiring authorities. Consequently, Hardwire altered Radius’ will and recommendation letter as well as Genesis’ work records, so that Exodus’ name was on it instead of Genesis’.

When the hiring authorities came, they read Radius’ letter of recommendation, interviewed Exodus briefly, and reviewed ‘his’ records before deciding to hire him on the spot.

Of course, Genesis soon discovered the truth about Hardwire and Exodus’ dirty deed and was promptly outraged. Silently, he vowed to kill his brother. Consequently, the next time he saw Exodus, in a fit of jealous rage he sprayed him the faceplates with the acid used to clean mining equipment. Genesis then attempted to murder his twin, but unfortunately was caught red-handed in the act. He then ran off angrily, and to this day no one knows where he is or what happened to him.

As for Exodus, he recovered but was blinded, as the procedure to fully repair his optics required a pair of very skilled hands and was more than Exodus could afford at the time. The question now was how Exodus could continue to work when he couldn’t see. Having always been a patient and attentive listener, Exodus quickly learned how to use sound to locate and identify objects and people. Soon, he was able to use his listening skills to locate deposits within the mines where he worked, even better than the other miners who could actually see.

Eventually Exodus had enough money to afford the procedure, though he did not feel the need for it. But after much persuading from Hardwire, he underwent the procedure necessary to restore his optics to full functionality. After having lived in complete darkness for so long, being able to see again was like seeing the world again for the very first time. Consequently, Exodus found that he was able to notice things that before he might have overlooked.


  • Patience
  • Lifting Heavy Objects
  • Moving Slowly
  • Listening and Locating.


Strength Intelligence
Speed Endurance
Rank Courage
Firepower Skill
Hit Points Energon


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