Name Feint
Faction Autobot
Function Senator-Elect
Class Unknown
Alt Mode Aerodrone
Species Original Character


Never fully trust your sensors.

Forged in Blaster City, Feint, originally known only as TC-I38, began a life of hard labor deep underground in Kaon, classified as "mining equipment" within the ranks of the disposable caste. Taking it with aplomb, she was simply content to do her job, happy to assist the efforts of other laborers beneath the surface with her abilities. An unexpected cave-in revealed Feint's outlier abilities, as she was able to see through solid ore to find the miners trapped inside. Gentle and shy, she avoids crowds, noise and open spaces, partly from discomfort, and partly for fear of uncontrolled bursts of her outlier abilities, which trigger hallucinations in others. Despite being an aerodrone she is a poor flier, having never had the opportunity to do so underground. She is highly skilled at locating energon in both raw and processed forms, and can build and use equipment to refine it. Her sensors and training allow her to quickly and thoroughly determine the topography and composition of an area. Feint is a loyal companion of Blurr, who rescued her from the Institute.


Sparked in the bowels of Blaster City, the disposable caste laborer designated "TCI-38" was not expected to have a long life. Forged for running through unstable mine shafts using complex multi-spectral sensor arrays to "see" through everything around her, her job involved locating new deposits of minerals and energon, as well as looking for potential weak spots that could lead to cave-ins. She was often sent into the most deadly areas of the mines, considered the "canary" that could be sacrificed for the safety of others. 

Frequenting into areas that were otherwise considered too dangerous for all but the most courageous (or foolhardy), she kept pushing her limits, going into the Cybertronian underground, running through Insecticon hives, breaking into forbidden areas and even stealing from the middle and upper castes. Feint put her enhanced senses to work for things other than mining, and soon became highly proficient at getting into places others could not. Her Outlier abilities were discovered after she used them to locate trapped miners within tons of rubble after a cave-in, literally seeing through the ore to find their sparks and communicating directly with their minds through their sensors. The foreman in charge of the operations saw her as an immediate boon, and put her up for auction in a black market disposable sales ring, where she was bought by up-and-coming medic Solvent. Solvent's intentions were even less ethical than the foreman: he was going to make a name for himself by studying (and dissecting) Feint to locate the CNA structures that mark Outlier abilities.

Fortunately for Feint, Solvent could not resist showing off his new prize at the Circle. Blurr, disgusted with her treatment, made a forcible exchange of payment for Feint, snatching her away from Solvent. Giving her space in his home, the two attempted to persuade each other to what they believed was the truth of the world around them. When Shiftlock came seeking Element Zero, Blurr attacked the shifter, which caused Feint to panic and flee. She was quickly recaptured by security forces, and taken to the Institute as a "payment" to the Arachnicon scientist, Tarantulas. Feint was rescued by the combined efforts of Hot Rod , Breakdown , Jazz and Blurr

Some other stuff happened.

Sadly, however, Feint was executed by Megatron shortly after the Senate slaughter after she refused to use her abilities to assist the Decepticons. Her body was delivered back to the Decagon by Orion Pax and Hot Rod.


Fracture Points, Geological Survey, Mining, Tectonics, Energon Location, Spark Location

Outlier Ability:Edit

Omnispectral Sensors: Feint's sensors go beyond gathering the light spectrum for normal sight; instead, she can see all the way across the electromagnetic frequency range, allowing her to see heat, energon, radiation, EMF signals, spark frequencies, or through most solid matter. Her sensors are so acute she can detect patches of weakened or thinning space as well.

Senor Hallucinations: The powerful penetrating nature of Feint's sensors have the side effect of deceiving the sensors of other Cybertronians, causing them to hallucinate, feel Feint's current emotions, or even the thoughts crossing her mind; rather than being able to read the emotions and thoughts of others, she instead broadcasts her own. 


April 2015 Logs
  • 042815 - Exposing Kolkular: What starts off with Hot Rod asking Orion what his plans were turn into Feint exposing the seedy underbelly of the Decepticon base.
  • 42715-Saving the Saveable: Feint is conducting an underground railroad to Kaon. Arcee and Springer buy tickets.
  • 42615-Feint's Feint: Feint seeks an audience with Megatron to deal with the Zeta problem back home.
  • Free At Last: Blurr breaks up with Feint. Feint breaks up with Blurr. It actually goes well.
  • 42415-Keep The Flag Flying: Feint plots.
  • Murder at the Opera: A charity event for Harmonex's opera house goes terribly, terribly wrong.
  • Bath Time Conversations: While getting cleaned up for different reasons, Feint and Orion discuss her settling back into the Autobots, the Institute and other things.
  • Welcome Back, Feint: Orion goes to speak to Feint and interview her before release.
  • Senate Slaughter: Starscream and Soundwave have the floor, and paint it a nice shade of energon pink.
  • Attempted Repentance: Feint feels her time is running out, and turns to Blast Off to make amends.
December 2014 Logs
  • Throw Me Away: Hot Rod and Feint try to convince Rung to help Blurr. Rung doesn't agree. Everyone gets angry.
  • Wife Mother Teacher: Feint's not sure which box to tick.
  • Attempting Kindness: Feint comes to question the prisoner Blast Off once more. She tries a different approach this time.
  • De-Ciphering The Truth: Feint learns the "truth" about Blurr.
  • Walls Come Crashing Down: Blast Off puts up walls- and Feint works to bring them tumbling down.
  • Zero to Sixty: Feint tells Blurr that she's been granted altmode exemption, but notices that he's hiding something from her--the fact that he's been injecting himself with a toxin.
February 2015 Logs
January 2015 Logs
  • The Truth About Blurr: Feint discovers even deeper truths about her conjunx endura.
  • Students: Feint visits Quickswitch. LET'S GO PRACTICE MEDICINE.
  • Save Me From Myself: Blurr almost dies, but Feint finds him just in the nick of time.
  • For A Good Cause: Ultimate Teacher Trepan makes some arrangements with his new student, Feint.
  • No One Above the Law: Clench is dead, Megatron is in charge of the Forge, so it's time for the Autobots to take action. At least plan to take action.
July 2014 Logs
  • A Special Guest: Blurr and Blast Off walk into a bar. A disposable gets rescued from a cruel doctor, who isn't having a good day at all.
Kaon Uprising
  • Senate Slaughter: Starscream and Soundwave have the floor, and paint it a nice shade of energon pink.
March 2015 Logs
May 2015 Logs
  • You'll Be In My Spark: Blurr seeks to make amends, beginning with Feint.
  • 051915 - Worst Cop / Thundertits: Motormaster takes on the search for Blurr and starts with questioning the suspect in custody.. and finds unique ways to pass on his message.
  • To Redeem Ones Honor and Mind: Sixshot calls Feint to the Helix Gardens to ask for a favor. Not for himself but for his elected son.
  • Building a Monument: In the aftermath of Zeta's death, Overclock recruits some help to make a memorial, and to gather a personal favor.
NC Institute
  • Heroic Rescue: Dashing heroes heroically dash. See also: vandalism and chaos.
November 2014 Logs
October 2014 Logs
  • Justice Above All: Blurr makes an important decision, and asks Feint to join him.
  • A Steadfast Friend: Blurr again finds out that Rung died. Feint keeps trying to reason with him, but still can't get him to see things her way.
  • Courtesy: Feint comes home to Blurr, meets his new handler and also Breakdown.
  • A Little Chaos in Kaon: Much injuries. So confront. Wow.
  • Team Bad Idea: Bad idea reinforcing bad idea reinforcing bad idea.
  • Control Freak: Feint makes a shocking discovery about Blurr's "employers".
  • Damsel Update: FEINT LIVES.
  • Mechs Are Terrible: Arcee checks up on Blurr, and finds that much has changed since their last encounter.
  • Conjunx Endura: Blurr connects with Feint. But are they compatible?
September 2014 Logs
  • Heroic Rescue: Dashing heroes heroically dash. See also: vandalism and chaos.
  • All Her Fears: Shiftlock pays a visit to Blurr, expecting him to fulfill his promise, but instead finds that someone has pulled all the wrong strings.

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