Name Grimlock
Faction Neutral
Function Gladiator
Class Unknown
Alt Mode Cybermorphic Predatory Beast (!Dinosaur)
Species Essential Feature Character


Heavyweight warrior currently making a mess of the Kaon fighting pits. Definitely not hiding from the military for any reason.  


A heavyweight Point One Percenter, Grimlock has been a warrior in the Cybertronian military for millenia, although not always a particularly obedient one.  He was, in fact, cooling his heels in a military brig when he first met Slag and came up with the idea of forming a strike team called the Dynobots.  Along with Sludge, Swoop, Snarl, and Skar, they formed a covert strike force that would go on to serve under the Primal Vanguard.

That is, until they were sent to investigate the tunnels underneath the Toraxxis Plains.  It's not quite known what happened down there, but Skar didn't make it out alive, and the Dynobots escaped and fled after being put into quarantine.

Outside of public knowledge, there have been some new -- and very dangerous -- competitors at the Kaon fighting pits.


Smashing things. Slicing things. Killing things.


April 2015 Logs
  • Old Grimlock and the Rust Sea: Grimlock has a bad experience with worms and tentacles
  • Full House: Jazz is sent to investigate Mithril Sea shenanigans. Slipstream's shenanigans to be exact. Then Grimlock happens.
December 2014 Logs
  • Kind Cruelty: Torque and Grimlock have second thoughts about pit fighting when Barricade makes some announcements.
May 2015 Logs
  • We Monsters: Overlord is holding court when he receives a visit from Grimlock
  • Fight for Freedom: Awakening in the bowels of Maggot's lair, Chimera and Grimlock must decide whether to play his game and fight, or trust each other and try to escape.
October 2014 Logs
September 2014 Logs

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