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Name Harbinger
Faction Neutral
Function Hunter
Class Unknown
Alt Mode Bullet Ant
Species Original Character


"Oh! Shiney!... Sorry, you were saying?"

From the start, Harbinger has only known the hunt. Almost never in her hive as she was always out hunting for supplies to ensure her hive's survival, which was located in some to the deepest parts of Cybertron, and did so willingly for many years.. till the day she walked out of her hive, the rest of her hive-mates dead at her hands for reasons that are unclear. Since then she has hunted closer and closer to the surface, staying in the shadows mostly to keep from being caught when she realized how her kind was treated on the surface. Those who have managed to befriend her find she is rather open, honest, fairly intelligent and almost loyal to a fault but reacts violently to being lied to or betrayed. Her primary weapons are her retractable claws that shred armor and a bite that causes such pain it paralyzes her target, with a energy shotgun as her back-up.


Character BG goes here.


Stalking, Patience, Close Quarters Fightings, Apprasial of Shiney Things, Annoying Shuttle-types.

Outlier: Full-Spectrum Cloaking


Strength Intelligence
Speed Endurance
Rank Courage
Firepower Skill
Hit Points Energon


February 2015 Logs
January 2015 Logs
  • Food for Thought: Rewind meets Harbinger in the Rust Narrows and receives a little food for thought regarding Insecticons, meals, and fighting for oneself.
NC Institute
November 2014 Logs
  • Taking a Shine to You: Soundwave seeks information concerning the Insecticons and how to communicate with them. Harbinger seeks- shinies.
October 2014 Logs
  • Rogues and Drones: Nautica makes another insecticon friend.
  • Shiny: Blast Off wanders the grimy wastes of Kaon, drawing attention he may not want to have.

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