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Name Hun-Grr
Faction Decepticon
Function Terrorcon Commander
Class Unknown
Alt Mode Two-Headed Dragon
Species Deluxe Feature Character


Hun-Grr is a mech of extremes and excesses. When it comes to destruction, refuelling and his own personal well-being, Hun-Grr's desires can't easily be sated. He spends most of his time appropriateing energon and material goods for himself, taking an interest in the Decepticon cause and his Terrorcon unit only when they offer him an opportunity for his other primary goal: mindless destruction. An excellent military commander when not absorbed in his own self-interests. In dragon mode, Hun-Grr can be found devouring a fallen foe to fuel his arsenal, shouting orders over crunching metal in his mouths, processing them into fuel or primitive missile-like projectiles. Can breath blasts of plasma fire from either head. Phenominally strong and durable, an excellent strategist and fearsome soldier. His focus on himself diminishes his usefulness to the Decepticons' overall goals, and in dragon mode his orders are often misunderstood due to his mouths being full. Hun-Grr despises organic life and will not touch them even to destroy them, preferring to blast them from a distance.


Hun-Grr, like the rest of the Terrorcons, is a Primordial, an ancient frametype rumored to have been created by Mortilus himself. He and his team became trapped in a subterranean bunker in a state of hybernation until unearthed by unfortunate miners whom they destroyed in their escape.


Strength 106 Intelligence 81
Speed 34 Endurance
Rank Courage
Firepower 95 Skill 76
Hit Points Energon


April 2015 Logs
January 2015 Logs
  • A Dragon In The Forge: A pit fight in the forge turns into something more as the Terrorcon leader Hun-Grr makes his debut.


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