Name Motormaster
Faction Decepticon
Class Unknown
Alt Mode Transport
Species Deluxe Feature Character


How vile must a Decepticon be to have earned the hatred and disgust of his own comrades? Motormaster be the answer to that question. It's not just his absolute cruelty and remorselessness that make him a menace; it's the unhidden joy he takes in causing pain and suffering, even among his own team. He's the masters of simple-minded bullying psychology, mentally torturing his minions into effective performers and combatants. Motormaster acts from a sense of entitlement that defies conscience, never letting anyone forget that he's utterly convinced of his own invincibility. He's not far off in that respect, since his level of power makes it difficult to hinder, let alone stop, him from performing whatever atrocity springs to his diabolitical mind. His Stunticon followers tremble before his commands, which he gives with a thundering voice that has the hollow, doom-laden tone of an echo from a bottomless well. They hate him, but they fear him too much to disobey him. In vehicle mode, Motormaster can crush a 20 foot block of concrete to powder with no apparent damage to himself. He's been known to claim that not even a Prime could withstand being rammed by him. In robot mode, he has enormous strength and carries an atom-smasher cannon, which shoots a high-energy beam of protons that can shred all but the densest materials. He also wields an energon-enhanced broadsword capable of slicing through thick armor. Although he consumes fuel at a high rate, he has no real physical liabilities. The utter contempt most Decepticons have for him limits his chances of getting help, but he rarely needs it.


Ask yourself. When you want something destroyed, and you want it destroyed right. Who ya gonna call? The Combaticons? Frak no. Onslaught sits back and sips on his ener-tea while Blast Off whines over his lack of caste and armor, Swindle tries to steal all your funds, Vortex sits in the corner and plays with himself, and Brawl is as smart as a bag of rocks. The Terrorcons? Blot's breath gives them away at two hundred miles. Hun-Grr's a putz that can't even agree with himself. Sinnertwin would rather chew his own aft than talk to you. No. When you want it done right, you call THE MOTORMASTER. LOYAL CON SINCE THE START, LOVED THE REGISTRATION ACT SO MUCH, I REGISTERED TWICE. YOU WANT RESULTS, YOU SEND IN THE PIT BOSS. Because I know that EXPLOSIONS AND DESTRUCTION SOLVES EVERYTHING.


Middle Management From Hell, Drill Sergeant Nasty, Stunt Coordinator, Racing Crew Chief, The Motor Master Sometimes Speaks In Third Person, Might Snap A Slim Jim, Likes Dames With Big Frames, Superjerk, Demolition Derbies, Pit Fighter, Pit Boss.


Strength 95 Intelligence 66
Speed 59 Endurance
Rank Courage
Firepower 77 Skill 67
Hit Points Energon


  • Registering Torque: Torque tries to pass through an Autobot registration checkpoint, it goes poorly.
May 2015 Logs
  • Registering Torque: Torque tries to pass through an Autobot registration checkpoint, it goes poorly.
  • IAA? IA-Oh No.: Autobots, Decepticons and Neutrals work together to take down the bad guys!!
  • 051915 - Worst Cop / Thundertits: Motormaster takes on the search for Blurr and starts with questioning the suspect in custody.. and finds unique ways to pass on his message.

Gallery Edit


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