Name Paddles
Faction Neutral
Function Aquatic Scout
Class Unknown
Alt Mode Plesiosaur
Species FC
Subgroup Primordial


Paddles is a gentle giant, often times more looking to make a new friend than pick a fight. However, it is best not to mistake him for an outright pacifist. If something threatens himself, he may opt to simply evade or get clear of the threat. But if something threatens an innocent, or someone he holds close as a friend or companion, then he is more than willing to go down fighting for their sake with as much ferocity as might be required to ensure the threat is neutralized, even at his own expense. The nature of the unknown is also a draw to him, and he can often times be found observing his surroundings in silent contemplation. This carries over to his interactions with others, and he will often times take his time thinking over what he wants to say until he is satisfied it properly conveys what he wants  to communicate.  


Not all of the great beasts that inspire fear and occupy a spot at the top of the predatory chain reside on land (or in the air in the case of some). Paddles, aptly named after the characteristic limbs from the alt-mode he carries, attributes his origins to ‘Something happened once, and then we were there.” This might be a sign of his intelligence, but he prefers to think of it as simply refusing to overthink things that are no longer relevant. 


Swimming, Basking In The Sun, Throwing His Weight Around, Getting Buried Alive, Deep Sea Exploration, Wallowing On Land, Causing Unexpected Cryptid Sightings, Going Down Fighting.


Strength 90 Intelligence 67
Speed 47 Endurance
Rank Courage
Firepower 67 Skill 78
Hit Points Energon


Cops and Rebels
March 2015 Logs
  • So sad, so mad: Swivel and Paddles attempt to console a mourning Backdrop, then Blurr shows up and ruins the moment.
  • An End, A Beginning: One of Nyon's medic's passes, but not without a few words, first.
May 2015 Logs
  • We Monsters: Overlord is holding court when he receives a visit from Grimlock
  • 051915 - Worst Cop / Thundertits: Motormaster takes on the search for Blurr and starts with questioning the suspect in custody.. and finds unique ways to pass on his message.

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