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Name Panacea
Faction Government
Function Medic
Class Unknown
Alt Mode Mobile Medical Unit
Species Original Character


"Violence makes for a poor master, but as a tool its a necessary evil."

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and Panacea exemplifies this maxim. Starting out as a good medic with a strict ethical and moral code, she has slid down a slippery slope into one of the people that the world has a reason to despise. In the interests of preserving herself, she made a deal to work for the shady science team headed by Cipher and inherited his practice on the advent of his death. While she might have a gentler methodology than her predecessor, she is wading into highly unethical territory with her experimentation. She tells herself that this is all for the greater good in the face of Cybertron's turmoil, but it's unlikely that many of her friends and allies will see it this way. The only thing that hasn't changed is her personal vow to eschew violence, though somehow that doesn't extend to harm done to others in the name of SCIENCE.         


Panacea was a MTO femme to replace a mining medic after a bad accident (and a series of incompetant medics) made it necessary.  After going through her standard school and training she went to work for the miners of a small mining community.  Although she outranked most of them, she had a fair amount of respect for the hard work and risk that they went through constantly to get the things that the other Cybertronians need.  While she didn't, initially, have any problem with Functionism (which had been ingrained into her in school, of course) she found that it didn't make sense to blame an individual for what they were built for.  She ended up having a 'little sister' dynamic with a lot of the miners there and was generally well thought of for her humility.

So, when things started to get messy over some altercations between the miners and the law, it was a bit of a jolt to her system.  The miners would be persecuted for something and one would end up dead.  Then they would retaliate and an officer would go down.  Things kept escalting back and forth while she watched helplessly.  Until, finally, she snapped and had had enough.  She decided that she would not tolerate this any more, but she also felt that using violence to stop violence would only make matters worse.  As such, she has turned to other methods of 'helping' Cybertron.  It probably didn't help that she had to take out an officer on her own that was acting a bit too forceful for her tastes.  His inactive, but still functioning, body remains hidden.

Meanwhile, the mine she worked with was shut down due to the dwindling number of miners there. Panacea packed her bags, so to speak, and headed for Kaon since it seemed a likely place to set herself up. She was only in Kaon for a short while before she had the temerity to fix Blurr after he warned her against doing such. The result of this was that Cipher came and gave her an 'offer she couldn't refuse'. So she went to Ibex to work, ostensibly, for the IAA, though in reality a lot of the work she was doing was for the benefit of the Senate. Her place of work changed yet again when Cipher 'disappeared' and she was named his successor. At this point she was moved to the Kimia facility, where she has been working ever since.


Medical Procedures, Discretion for Patients, Getting into Small Spaces, Direction Sense, Tunnel Survival, Ambidexterity, Knowledge: Sparks, Experimentation


Strength Intelligence
Speed Endurance
Rank Courage
Firepower Skill
Hit Points Energon


April 2015 Logs
February 2015 Logs
January 2015 Logs
  • False Captivity: Whirl is caught in Panacea's clutches...only not really.
  • At the Top of a Slippery Slope: Blurr stops in to see Panacea in her shiny new lab.
  • Invitations and Cautions: Hot Rod has ideas, Thundercracker has a drink, Panacea has a new job. These are all equally bad.
  • Deal With a Devil: Cipher shows up to 'oh so nicely' have a chat with Panacea. The IAA scores another employee.
  • Serious Issues: Blurr brings serious news and has serious issues. Panacea can't resist tampering.
  • Six Times the Trouble: Exodus, Panacea, and Blast Off encounter Quickswitch in Vos. Later, Blast Off encounters him again. Who will walk away and who will fall? (Or both? Or neither?)
  • A Cleaning Crew Walks Into a Bar And...: YX-939 treats his crew to a drink but they don't have much chance to enjoy it.
  • Friends in Low Places: Blurr finds out what Panacea really cares about.
  • Empowering Words: Swivel's morals are challenged. Blurr gives YX-939 even more reason to fear him.
  • A Medic's Perspective: Blast Off goes to *cough*checkupon*cough* Whirl and Panacea gives him Whirl's message as well as a piece of her mind.
  • Spying on Spying Spies: While investigating Kaon, Blurr and Arcee notice a suspicious femme. Blast Off spies on them spying on said femme.
  • Need Like a Shot to the Head: Whirl demands information from Blast Off, who responds with something else instead- leading to a medical call for Panacea and an unpleasant moment for Swivel.
  • A Blind Awakening: Whirl wakes up to find that he can't see. Swivel comes to check on him.
  • Another Cycle in Nyon: A bunch of people converge on where Whirl was sitting in the gutter. Conversation happens.
  • Drift Who: Hot Rod comes looking for Drift. With Panacea's help ... he still doesn't find him. OR DOES HE.
  • It's Complicated: It starts with a bit of violence and turns weird from there.
Kaon Uprising
  • That's Rough Buddy: Hot Rod gives Blurr advice, then admits he's wrong sometimes. Hot Rod gets into a fight with Quantum again. Hot Rod is then disappointed with Panacea. This scene is clearly all about Hot Rod.
March 2015 Logs
  • House Call: Since Blurr has been absent from the public lately, Panacea goes to check on him.
  • Inheritance: Panacea has inherited Cipher's work. The question is: what is she going to do with it.
  • Party All Night Long: There is a massive party in Ibex.

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