"I never admitted I was wrong, because I never was."

Name Prowl
Faction Autobot
Function Second-in-Command
Class Unknown
Alt Mode Speeder
Species DFC

Prowl is the highest ranking police officer on the planet, aside from Sentinel Prime himself.

Having equated law and order with "the greater good", he sincerely believes in preventing chaos despite the sacrifices that must be made. Besides, it's his job to keep the system from collapsing, not to challenge the status quo.

Prowl learned to appreciate rules and discipline during his formative years in Petrex, a strictly town where saying anything bad about your alt mode could get you thrown in jail. His respect for the law and zeal for upholding it for the sake of maintaining order, as well as the skill and intellect he's displayed through his work for the Mechaforensics Division have caught the attention of Sentinel Prime, who has na med him second-in-command of the Autobots.


Investigation, Recon, Deductive Reasoning, Combat, Arresting People, Flipping Tables

Job Description

Kid Snippets "Police Patrol" (Imagined by Kids)02:54

Kid Snippets "Police Patrol" (Imagined by Kids)

"Yeah, you get two warning tickets, because your wife was going too fast too."


April 2015 Logs
  • In Memoriam: During the memorial service for Orion Pax and others, Overclock unveils a new monument.
  • After Zeta: What happens when Zeta is gone? What's next? WELL IT LOOKS LIKE ARGUING, ACTUALLY.
  • Listening Skills: Prowl has an offer!
  • What to do about Nyon?: Prowl meets again with Pax to go over the plans for Nyon and the two of them reach an agreement.
Cross My Double-Crossing Spark
  • Caught Red-Handed: Starscream surprise visits Arcee. Prowl expertly crashes their party.
December 2014 Logs
  • A Rare Gift: Arcee and Rung are reunited for the first time in a long while. Rung gives Prowl a gift.
  • A Matter of Choice: Swift Blade waits at her shuttle until she is approached by Prowl, who interviews her, and Starscream, who extends an invitation.
  • Getting the Collar: Barricade leaves evidence, and a warning, with Prowl and Arcee. Warning: Duly Ignored.
  • Meeting the Queen: Scorn hears the situation from Bombshell and has a curious encounter with Blast Off.
  • Off the Beat: Rung is on the run with Skids. Prowl finds him in Nyon.
  • Looking for Trouble: Chromedome and Scorn come looking for trouble and find it.
  • Pride Comes Before a Fall: Arcee springs the lavish trap set for Blast Off. Is the Combaticon going quietly- or going down in a blaze of glory?
  • Old Times' Sake: Prowl gives his old partner Chromedome a new assignment.
  • Charm and Politics: Scorn finally gets her audience with members of Cybertronian leadership.
February 2015 Logs
January 2015 Logs
  • Cybertron by Moonlight: Moonlight arrives at Cybertron and requests landing. Suddenly everyone has an opinion.
  • A Femme of Integrity: Swivel tries to report a 'crime' to the police, but finds out that it wasn't even a crime to begin with...
  • Stop Right There, Criminal Scum!: Freedom is not to be found for one fugitive.
  • Proper Things: Hot Rod goes looking for Ratchet and Orion Pax. So does Prowl.
  • Questioning the Law: Swift Blade chains herself to a memorial; Prowl cuts her down.
  • Orion Pax Steals A Houseguest: In which the new recruit is a trainwreck, Orion Pax gets a frowny face, Prowl asks Arcee to keep an eye on even more people and Arcee doesn't have enough eyes.
  • No One Above the Law: Clench is dead, Megatron is in charge of the Forge, so it's time for the Autobots to take action. At least plan to take action.
  • Chain of Importance: Prowl thinks very highly of Arcee. Yes, even more highly than Orion Pax and Jazz.
July 2014 Logs
Kaon Uprising
March 2015 Logs
May 2015 Logs
  • IAA? IA-Oh No.: Autobots, Decepticons and Neutrals work together to take down the bad guys!!
  • In Memoriam: During the memorial service for Orion Pax and others, Overclock unveils a new monument.
  • After Zeta: What happens when Zeta is gone? What's next? WELL IT LOOKS LIKE ARGUING, ACTUALLY.
November 2014 Logs
  • Feels Do Not Compute: Prowl can't manipulate Rung. This frustrates him.
  • On the Simple Joys of Documentation: Ultra Magnus gives a talk! Arcee is discommoded by Brainstorm running around free. Prowl issues a necessary warning.
  • By the Sea: Rung is totally not dead, and Prowl knew it.
  • Stand With Us: Prowl does what he can to convince Arcee to see things his way.
  • So We Meet Again: Drift and Arcee run into each other again, and Arcee discovers the truth about the clinic bombing from a mysterious stranger.
October 2014 Logs
  • Sky Byte's (Many) Blunders: Sky Byte tries to get out of a fine. He ends up making it worse. Arcee gets lectured. Again.
  • Sound Judgment: Arcee gets lectured by Prowl and Ultra Magnus, and receives her first is not a good day.
  • Law & Order: Prowl and Ultra Magnus lecture Nautica. Poor Nautica...
  • Treacherous Act Number One: Starscream allows Prowl to blackmail him into betraying Megatron.
  • Necessary Betrayal: Nautica is faced with an important decision that may change the course of her life.
  • Questions Answered: Prowl asks questions of INNOCENT BYSTANDS, Sky-Byte delivers a piano, Arcee gets a meeting.
  • Death of a Doctor: Rung's clinic is destroyed, taking its workers with it. Is the psychiatrist gone for good?
September 2014 Logs


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