Name Quickswitch
Faction Autobot
Function Elite Guard
Class Unknown
Alt Mode Multiformer
Species DFC
Subgroup Point-One-Percenter


A rare green spark found in the ruins of Blaster City, Quickswitch's six altmodes made him the a highly guarded subject of experimentation and study by the Functionist Council. Kept isolated from others and relentlessly trained in as many combat disciplines as he could handle, Quickswitch was more a prized janissary to the Prime than an altmode-exempt elite. After the death of Yoketron and Sixshot's escape from confinement, Quickswitch was further restricted and subjected to "mental  conditioning" in order to cement his loyalties. Quickswitch's capacity to change form is written so deep in his spark that it dominates his entire personality; he's moody at best and unstable at worst - he has difficulty maintaining a single emotion or mood for very long. Quickswitch suspects his mentor Sixshot may have the solution to this problem, and the one unchanging thing about Quickswitch is his determination to find that answer. Aside from his root mode, Quickswitch can transform into a dual-barrelled laser pistol; an assault hovercraft cruiser; an armor-piercing drill tank with reinforcedtitanium drills; a fighter jet capable of mach 3 and suborbital flight, and a flight-capable puma with cloaking shield capability. He is armed with twin photon blasters in all modes. While an exceptionally proficient soldier,  Quickswitch's inconsistent moods and thought processes sometimes make him as confused as his enemies.                                                     


At one time undergoing mnemnosurgery to ensure his loyalty, Quickswitch is unaware whether his moodiness is inborn or a result of the tampering. He contains at least two triggers, one being a kill-code installed by the Senate should he ever stray or go out of hand, and the other is "Trepan's Trigger". The extent of Quickswitch's psychological tampering is unknown.

He encountered the neutral empurata victim Whirl and was horrified by what he saw. At the same time, he caught a glimpse of the known Decepticon Blast Off, whom he would later attack unprovoked in Vos and attempt to terminate with extreme prejudice.

His behavior growing increasingly erratic, he was put under treatment and tried to grasp the concept of Non-Violence, for his friend Rung. The two formed a close friendship. This would be the first time Quickswitch experienced the bond of friendship, and is protective of the small Autobot psychiatrist. The two went clandestinely to Kaon, where Rung would show Quickswitch a side of Cybertronian life he'd never seen before; Empties and destitution. Before that, all Quickswitch knew was what the Senate chose to fill his head with.


Metallikato, Marksmanship, Hand-To-Hand Combat, Close-Quarters-Combat, Marine Combat, Aerial Combat, Infiltration, Military Protocol, Research Subject, Ultraviolet Light Sensitivity, Unusual Scars, Moody, Slave-Elite, Sixshot's Unthemely Son.


  • Quickswitch is horrified by those who have the mark of empurata.
  • He has a fast friendship with Rung, the Autobot psychiatrist.
  • He is currently reading Principles of Non-Violence.
  • Quickswitch can be compassionate, merciless, friendly, hateful, happy, or angry.
  • If you encounter Quickswitch in a bad mood, the best advice is simply to wait a moment.
  • Quickswitch is easily confused; He is part robot warrior, part beast, part weapon, part mariner, part digger, and part orbit-capable flier.
  • Quickswitch has a kill-code which will render him unconscious: Pi-Alpha-3-Tango-6-3-7
  • He is Sixshot's elective son.


Strength 83 Intelligence 71
Speed 81 Endurance
Rank Courage
Firepower 80 Skill 82
Hit Points Energon


April 2015 Logs
  • Impromptu Meeting: An assortment of Bots show up in Orion's office for various things - Orion juggles it all.
  • What Whirl Needs: Whirl visits Rung at Deltaran, Quickswitch drops by.
  • Home Sweet Home: Quickswitch finds Blurr. The two of them hide under the Skyline Tower.
  • Father and Son: Father and son are reunited after many vorns apart.
February 2015 Logs
  • Missing Person: Swivel misplaced a disposable; Arcee's an okay Autobot; Quickswitch causes trouble; Hot Rod is trouble.
  • Quick Chat: A brief encounter between Quickswitch and Swivel at Maccadams.
  • Not Quite Group Therapy: After learning the fate of her hands and face, Acuity has been ordered to see Rung. Somehow her assessment ends up being a crowd.
  • Adventures in Kaon, Part 2: Rung and Quickswitch continue their adventure in Kaon by visiting a relinquishment clinic.
  • Three Horns Never Play With Long Necks: Moonlight and Quickswitch discuss a little about politics and the caste system.
  • The Mark Has Been Made: Trepan pays a visit to Ruiner. Trepan lives up to the multiple meanings of his name.
  • Right Where It Belongs: Quickswitch comes to interrogate Ruiner, and the seeds of doubt are sown.
January 2015 Logs
  • And All That Could Have Been: Ruiner is in jail. Arcee and Quickswitch decide to talk to the prisoner.
  • Cybertron by Moonlight: Moonlight arrives at Cybertron and requests landing. Suddenly everyone has an opinion.
  • Six Times the Trouble: Exodus, Panacea, and Blast Off encounter Quickswitch in Vos. Later, Blast Off encounters him again. Who will walk away and who will fall? (Or both? Or neither?)
  • One of 'Those' Evenings: Starts off with Blast Off and Swift Blade in a bar and just gets crazier from that point on.
  • Making a Name: The Decepticons are ready to make a name for themselves, for the time of words is over and the time of actions has come. The Autobots are waiting for them, most for good-intentioned reasons- and one there for possibly less than ideal reasons.
  • Students: Feint visits Quickswitch. LET'S GO PRACTICE MEDICINE.
  • Therapy Sessions with Rung (Hugging is Good): Rung starts a therapy session with Quickswitch. A discombobulated Blurr wanders in, and asks for forgiveness. <3
  • Orion Pax Steals A Houseguest: In which the new recruit is a trainwreck, Orion Pax gets a frowny face, Prowl asks Arcee to keep an eye on even more people and Arcee doesn't have enough eyes.
  • Introducing: Quickswitch: Quickswitch and Shiftlock meet for the first time.
Kaon Uprising
March 2015 Logs
May 2015 Logs
  • Past Deeds: Quickswitch is haunted by deeds ordered by Zeta Prime.
  • Home Sweet Home: Quickswitch finds Blurr. The two of them hide under the Skyline Tower.
  • Father and Son: Father and son are reunited after many vorns apart.

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