"Till death do us part, I bid our fight for freedom."

Name Rung
Faction Autobot
Function Licensed Psychologist
Class Unknown
Alt Mode Unknown
Species Feature Character

Amidst the greed and corruption that runs rampant on Cybertron, Rung is a compassionate psychologist trying to do the right thing regardless of circumstances. He is utterly dedicated to his friends and patients, and will do most anything to help those in need. Despite his slight and forgettable appearance, Rung is a character whose actions are unforgettable.



Psychology, Running a Clinic, Looking Forgettable



April 2015 Logs
August 2014 Logs
  • Ignorance is Bliss: Horrible things were done to Blurr. Arcee remembers them. Blurr doesn't.
December 2014 Logs
  • A Right To Know: Swift Blade pays Blurr a visit and learns some interesting truths about the people she's met thus far.
  • A Rare Gift: Arcee and Rung are reunited for the first time in a long while. Rung gives Prowl a gift.
  • The Life of Dung Chapter 1: Brightest of Them All: A normal procedure goes awry at the Free Clinic and Ring finds himself fighting for his life. Can Ratchet save him? Will Dung's true name ever be remembered?
  • Off the Beat: Rung is on the run with Skids. Prowl finds him in Nyon.
  • Psychiatrist Out Of Prison: Skids breaks Rung out of jail. The Metallikato way.
February 2015 Logs
  • Not Quite Group Therapy: After learning the fate of her hands and face, Acuity has been ordered to see Rung. Somehow her assessment ends up being a crowd.
  • Adventures in Kaon, Part 2: Rung and Quickswitch continue their adventure in Kaon by visiting a relinquishment clinic.
January 2015 Logs
July 2014 Logs
  • The Patient: Once upon a time not too long ago, Rung made a deal with the IAA.
March 2015 Logs
November 2014 Logs
October 2014 Logs
  • Death of a Doctor: Rung's clinic is destroyed, taking its workers with it. Is the psychiatrist gone for good?
  • Bomb Scare: Drift plants a bomb on Arcee in a scheme to blow up several targets at once. Can her friends and allies save her in time?
September 2014 Logs
  • Betrayed: Shiftlock's memories contain some disturbing truths...

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