Name Skywarp
Faction Decepticon
Function Warrior
Class Unknown
Alt Mode Jet
Species Seeker


Skywarp is a sneaky, underhanded brute whose miniscule attention   
span haphazardly jumps from one cruel amusement to another. His simple-minded nature can be Deceptive, though; Skywarp has an almost autistic creativity when it comes to using his powers for brutal and destructive acts. He'll appear out of nowhere to strike at unprepared targets with an uncanny ability to choose the best moment to strike. His skills as a warrior earn him the respect of his fellow Seekers, and his rude sense of humor also enhances his 
popularity among them. His sudden jokes are invariably simplistic and mean, and everyone enjoys them...except the butt of the physically abusive pranks.


Character BG goes here.


Flying, pranks, shamelessness.


Strength 79 Intelligence 45
Speed 97 Endurance
Rank Courage
Firepower 72 Skill 78
Hit Points Energon


December 2014 Logs
  • Edge of My Life: Blast Off is nearly subjected to his worst nightmare - spark extraction. Starscream saves the day just in time.
January 2015 Logs
  • A Dragon In The Forge: A pit fight in the forge turns into something more as the Terrorcon leader Hun-Grr makes his debut.
March 2015 Logs
  • Introducing Backdrop: YX-939 has a new identity, and now he is getting a new job. And then some seekers get up to shenanigans.
November 2014 Logs
October 2014 Logs
  • Bored: Skywarp is bored and Thundercracker represses his ideas for fun.
  • Seeker Slapfights: Skywarp and Thundercracker drop by Starscream's place. SOMEONE GETS PUNCHED.


Skywarps Fault

It was Skywarp's fault but it was so much fun!

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