Name Slipstream
Faction Decepticon
Function Seeker
Class Unknown
Alt Mode Jet
Species Deluxe Feature Character


Slipstream's best equipment is her wits, for she is as sharp as she is fast.  Cunning, crafty, sly and aloof are what best describe her to most, and savagely sarcastic and bitter are words that those that know her best would use.  She is motivated by words, their meaning and their power, which is what has helped to sway her to Starscream's command as well as Megatron's side.  Slipstream's extreme speeds make her an ideal courier for the Seekers and an even more private messenger for Starscream, for she might even exceed his lust for secrets, which she is only too pleased to share with her commander.  She's quick with her biting wit in battle which is matched by her dexterity and speed, which is she uses to make up for her lack of physical might.


<SECRET STUFF:  Abandoned on Cybertron long ago, the Camien that would become Slipstream (formerly Slipstrike) used her wits to survive, and well, as she angled herself into a high caste and substansial education.  Once Strika's second-in-command, now fending for herself on Cybertron, she masked her lie by searching out and sharing those of others.  She's been clever enough to keep her past hidden.  Should her former commander resurface, her loyalty would well be tested.>>

Created to take to the skies, Slipstream's mental speed has always lead her towards the pursuit of messages, of the value and effectiveness of communication.  She's studied it since an early age, prime to be a scholar or historian, yet her physical speed also helped to guide her towards the transmission of words, making her an ideal courier.  This is something she always found great importance in, to be the one to personally transport documents of value among respectable, intelligent bots of command.  When she was assigned to a former scientist, another brilliant mind, one gifted with guile and a charming grace, who recently took command of a city unto himself, Slipstream was eager to join the Seekers.

She has served diligently in her roll of courier, taking pride in the growth of Vos and Starscream's command.  Recently she's become swept up with the private speeches of the mysterious, powerful figure of Megatron and longs to meet him.

How To Break a Seeker's Heart Edit



Navigation, Cryptography, Better Than Thou-isms, Mean Girling, Communications, Hoarding and Ferrying Secrets, Going Fast

<<Her ability to cloak her energy signature lends itself well to this line of work as, when enabled, it renders any detector, alarm, and some Cybertronians, blind to her whereabouts. Even the Transtech have not found a trustworthy means of tracking her. If cornered, she can use s her arm-mounted Alternating Gyro-Power (AGP) Nullifier missiles to ogenerate a cascading EMP shockwave capable of disrupting the energy flow in machine, mech and robot for a half-hic.>>


Strength 77 Intelligence 97
Speed 80 Endurance
Rank Courage
Firepower 62 Skill 81
Hit Points Energon


April 2015 Logs
  • Revisiting the Past: Swift Blade is on a personal assignment from Starscream to turn up an old grave...
  • Full House: Jazz is sent to investigate Mithril Sea shenanigans. Slipstream's shenanigans to be exact. Then Grimlock happens.
December 2014 Logs
  • Chase: Evil Chromia meets Evil Ironhide. It's love at first chase.
February 2015 Logs
  • Good Con Bad Con 2: Hook uses Shiftlock for medical experimentation, Barricade is a Sad Panda and Shiftlock becomes the new superhero TORSO GIRL.
January 2015 Logs
Kaon Uprising
  • BCDSLPForge1114: Slipstream and Barricade make plans for a jailbreak on Chaar.
March 2015 Logs
  • Bringing Home Baby: Barricade brings home his new baby. Won't the 'mom' be surprised.
  • A Visitation: Feint tries to give Megatron hope only to have hers completely crushed.
  • Lies: In order to escape the blame of murderer, Starscream must lie, while Thundercracker and Slipstream must come to terms with this lie or bear the consequences of it.
  • Master is Murdered: Karma has been shadowplayed. And if no one intercedes, who will be next?

Gallery Edit


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