"Starscream... He's never known a good greater than his own well-being. He's pure ambition with no ideology–not even Decepticon ideology."


Name Starscream
Faction Decepticon
Function Ruler of Vos
Class Unknown
Alt Mode Cybertronian Jet
Species Essential Feature Character

Both Air Commander and governing individual of the city-state Vos, Starscream is one of the privileged few who belong to the upper category of the High Caste. Although his prestigious government job entitles him to strong ties to the Senate and Autobots, he is highly disliked by almost everyone due to his pretentious, manipulative, and selfish nature. It would appear his loyalty lies with the governing body of Cybertron, but with Starscream, it is difficult to distinguish between truth and falsehood.


Starscream originally started studying to become a scientist pursuing innovative research. However, after he graduated and worked for some time, he claims he discovered the field of science was not giving him the recognition and fame he so desired. Consequently, he 'quit' being a researcher and instead attended a well known air academy in Vos while studying socioeconomics on the side. He then graduated at the top of his class from the air academy and shortly thereafter became the ruler of Vos.

How To Break a Seeker's Heart


  • Flight Stratagem
  • Aeronautics
  • Buying Mirrors
  • Pretending to be Likeable
  • Manipulating Others


Strength 75 Intelligence 99
Speed 97 Endurance
Rank Courage
Firepower 92 Skill 104
Hit Points Energon


April 2015 Logs
Cross My Double-Crossing Spark
December 2014 Logs
  • Insecticon Induction: Zephyr officially joins the Decepticons.
  • Kaon Commerce: While en route to The Forge, Starscream briefly encounters a peddler of Insecticons and quality energon.
  • Deadlock Awakening: Drift wakes up, indebted to Bombshell and the Decepticons..
  • A Matter of Choice: Swift Blade waits at her shuttle until she is approached by Prowl, who interviews her, and Starscream, who extends an invitation.
  • Eye of the Wheeljack: Torque and Wheeljack spar before meeting Starscream at the bar.
  • Welcome to the Cons: Starscream helped save Blast Off's life, and now he has a favor to ask.
  • Edge of My Life: Blast Off is nearly subjected to his worst nightmare - spark extraction. Starscream saves the day just in time.
  • Manipulation Games: Starscream and Bombshell plot to puppeteer all the right people.
  • Deal with the DEVIL: Drift's in sad shape. Luckily Starscream wants to help out of the GOODNESS OF HIS SPARK.
February 2015 Logs
  • Confessions and Seductions: YX-939 confesses something, and Thundercracker and Starscream get into a disagreement over a femme.
  • Turning Point: Whirl, becoming an Autobot?? The unthinkable may become reality...
  • The Art of Seduction: Starscream imparts some rather risque wisdom to Arcee...
  • Not Father Material: Starscream comes to check on his hatchling but doesn't REALLY seem as interested as he should.
January 2015 Logs
  • Marionette Murderess?: In order to free herself and 'save' Wheeljack, Torque must agree to kill Pharma to please Starscream..
  • A Dragon In The Forge: A pit fight in the forge turns into something more as the Terrorcon leader Hun-Grr makes his debut.
  • A Certain Understanding: Megatron speaks to his loyal- and not so loyal- followers. Starscream and Soundwave come to a certain understanding.
  • Old Friends: Starscream makes a deal with the one mech he hates the most.
  • Kindling a Deal with Swindle: Starscream strikes a secret deal with Swindle. And then he strikes another, this one even MORE confidential than the first...
  • Forge Scramble: Megatron receives a delivery and an unwanted guest.
  • An Evening Flight: Swift Blade thanks Starscream for his aid so far; the two go for a nice flight.
  • Detour's Newest Customer: Starscream purchases a hatchling from Detour.
  • Exit Wounds: Exit wounds, where they're leaving, the scars you're keeping...
  • Drift Who: Hot Rod comes looking for Drift. With Panacea's help ... he still doesn't find him. OR DOES HE.
Kaon Uprising
March 2015 Logs
  • Kaon Uprising: Decepticon Smackdown: The Bots arrest the Cons! Uprising over. Right?
  • Caught Red-Handed: Starscream surprise visits Arcee. Prowl expertly crashes their party.
  • Seeker Training: Starscream hauls Thundercracker out of the rerepair bay for training, though Thundercracker's attention is momentarily diverted by Silence. Swift Blade joins them later.
  • Blast Off: Exhibits A and B: Blast Off is brought back in pieces; Zephyr works to put him back together, despite distractions.
  • Letting It All Hang Out: Starscream sets a trap for Blast Off and Whirl to expose them- in more ways than one.
  • Afterburner Grenade: Prowl and Sky Lynx work on sequestering energon and supplies. Starscream decides to test a new weapon on them.
  • Lies: In order to escape the blame of murderer, Starscream must lie, while Thundercracker and Slipstream must come to terms with this lie or bear the consequences of it.
  • Master is Murdered: Karma has been shadowplayed. And if no one intercedes, who will be next?
  • Kiss and Tell: Oh, the things you can get for a kiss... also part of the Kaon Uprising TP.
November 2014 Logs
  • MindGames: Starscream wants to see what Bombshell can do- and what better test subject than an egotistical shuttle?
  • Eve of the First Big Mission: Soundwave calls for some planning on the eve of the Decepticons' first big mission. What is unexpected is a connection he winds up making with someone who he will certainly be meeting again.
  • Starstruck: Starscream wakes up Knock Out in the middle of the night demanding repairs, and Wheeljack surprise visits, masquerading as a tech maintenance bot answering Starscream's service call.
October 2014 Logs
  • Unwanted Attentions: Go away, Starscream. >(
  • Yin and Yang: Starscream and Soundwave plot together.
  • Treacherous Act Number One: Starscream allows Prowl to blackmail him into betraying Megatron.
  • Bad Host: Blurr invites himself over to Starscream's residence, but plans to ambush the seeker. Starscream has plans of his own, but Blurr escapes with valuable intel.
  • Seeker Slapfights: Skywarp and Thundercracker drop by Starscream's place. SOMEONE GETS PUNCHED.
September 2014 Logs
  • Laboratory Ambush: Blast Off attempts to teach Arcee self-defense but keeps getting interrupted, ultimately ending in a full out fight between the bounty hunter Lockdown and one of his targets.
  • Excitement and Egos: Shiftlock special guest stars as Knock Off and then there's an ego-off!

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