Swift Blade
Name Swift Blade
Faction Neutral
Function Slave Labour
Class Unknown
Alt Mode Jet
Species Original Character


"Change is in the air; I can feel it."

Sold into slavery during the Quintesson occupation, Swift Blade was a being without a home, without a people, surrounded by those who claimed to be her 'betters'. Through millennia of service, years of strife, and periods of wandering, she finally achieved her freedom. It seemed a natural thing to seek out the planet of her origin and make it her home. Unfortunately, she is in for a rather nasty surprise.

Condensed History

The long and the short of her history is that Swift Blade was sold into slavery during the Quintesson occupation.  She started as a warrior of the battle arenas on an alien planet where the culture was full of elite, bored individuals who had a penchant for gambling.  After exchanging hands multiple times, and spending a good deal of time in stasis, she eventually came into the possession of a young man who was trying to get into his planet's prestigous academy of science.  She was his entrance project and he tinkered a fair bit with her systems, including an enhancement of her fuel efficiency.  During the process her last master realized she was, in fact, a sentient being and was set free.  Finally she was able to return home, but it's unlikely that this will give her any rest, given the current state of Cybertronian affairs.


Swordplay, Watching and Waiting, Looks Young For Her Age, Age Of Wrath Survivor, Patience (And How)


Strength 68 Intelligence 71
Speed 72 Endurance
Rank Courage
Firepower 42 Skill 52
Hit Points Energon


Original: From a distance this individual looks like a standard seeker, colored in a dark shade of red, with pale grey and black accents and the expected yellow cockpit. Closer up, it becomes apparent by a sleekness of the frame and a roundness of form that this is a femme. Apart from that, the most noticeable difference is a lack of heavy ranged weaponry to be replaced by a pair of twin swords.

Disguise: Another Seeker. It takes only a quick glance to classify this femme; she has the exact contours and equipment as one would expect from any Seeker in the Vosian Academy, slightly rounded as an expression of her identity. Her primary color is a purple so deep that it nearly appears black. Her secondary color is a brilliant, almost electric, shade of teal, which runs in a thin band along her wings, forearms, and shins. The rest of her is a plain grey tending towards the dark side of the spectrum.


April 2015 Logs
  • Change of Command: Thundercracker is named Air Commander. Starscream reacts. Swift Blade is updated concerning the personal assignment given to her by Starscream.
  • In the Enemy's Heart: While studying the throne that Megatron made out of Sentinel Prime's armor, a disguised Swift Blade questions Pax on his thoughts.
  • Revisiting the Past: Swift Blade is on a personal assignment from Starscream to turn up an old grave...
  • Counter-Apathy: Swift Blade and Thundercracker discuss their time in jail, duty, the future, among other things.
  • TP Scene - Prison Break: Let the slaughter begin.
  • In the Enemy's Heart: While studying the throne that Megatron made out of Sentinel Prime's armor, a disguised Swift Blade questions Pax on his thoughts.
December 2014 Logs
  • Swords Out and Guns Blazing: Swift Blade shows she actually DOES know a bit about fighting when she and Blast Off are ambushed by bounty hunters.
  • Two Sides of the Same Coin: Blurr finally wakes up from some injuries and has a discussion with Swift Blade about Blast Off. Then it gets weird.
  • Civilized Behavior: Blast Off and Swift Blade encounter each other again, leading the femme to ask the shuttle some questions after her meeting with Blurr. Who then makes an appearance, along with Exodus, and a revelation that challenges the Combaticon's claims of "civilized behavior".
  • A Right To Know: Swift Blade pays Blurr a visit and learns some interesting truths about the people she's met thus far.
  • Assured of Justice: Blast Off finds it difficult to remain civilized, especially when forced to face an enemy. Swift Blade will soon have an important decision to make.
  • Just Have a Few Questions: Whirl and Blast Off have one thing in common: a desire to know what happened to Shiftlock, and they think Arcee might have the answers. Swift Blade walks in at an... awkward moment.
  • Facing Functionism: Swift Blade goes in for her assessment, and does a little assessing of her own.
  • A Matter of Choice: Swift Blade waits at her shuttle until she is approached by Prowl, who interviews her, and Starscream, who extends an invitation.
  • Fall from the Stars: Swift Blade returns to Cybertron- and some surprises.
February 2015 Logs
  • The Fragile: Blast Off gets repaired and Swivel tries convince Ruiner he's actually good, deep down. PROTIP: It doesn't matter.
  • Finale 2 - Prisoner Exchange: The Autobot Security Forces and the Decepticons agree to a prisoner exchange. Tensions mount and shots are fired.
  • Prison of Choice: We are all prisoners to our choice; Swift Blade is a literal prisoner as well.
  • Advise of Rights: Ultra Magnus brings Swift Blade a proposal.
  • Wasted Potential: Maybe Swift Blade's potential is wasted, but for whom is it wasted?
  • A Molten Mess: Swift Blade and Blast Off bring Whirl to the medics for repairs. Whirl's not so sure he likes that.
  • Molten Hot Deception: Quantum's thirst for revenge continues to spiral out of control, this time sucking Whirl and Swift Blade into its maw.
  • On Slavery: A small discussion of slavery.
  • Friendly Foe: After everything they've been through, Swift Blade should hate Blurr...but she doesn't. Instead she shows concern when he's down.
January 2015 Logs
  • One Step Closer: Soundwave instills even more drive in Swift Blade to join the Decepticons while he gets a read on her.
  • Foreshadows: Swift Blade airs a few concerns about the Decepticons.
  • Philosopher Seeker: Swift Blade finds Rumble as Megatron ordered.
  • Full Circle: Blast Off asks Swift Blade about a few things that had confused him. He's not disappointed with the answers.
  • Rough Ride, Rougher Landing: Blast Off hijacks a shipment and Blurr tries to un-hijack it while Swift Blade gets involved much to both mechs' confusion.
  • Accepting Her Fate: Swift Blade finally makes the decision about whose side she is on.
  • Femme to Femme, Seeker to Seeker: Swift Blade meets a fellow female Seeker and they have a pleasant discussion about a few unpleasant things.
  • Six Times the Trouble: Exodus, Panacea, and Blast Off encounter Quickswitch in Vos. Later, Blast Off encounters him again. Who will walk away and who will fall? (Or both? Or neither?)
  • One of 'Those' Evenings: Starts off with Blast Off and Swift Blade in a bar and just gets crazier from that point on.
  • Between Wisdom and Foolishness: Swift Blade meets Megatron and later spars with Blast Off.
  • Shut Up and Let Me Hug You-You Jerk: This is it- the showdown between Blast Off and Whirl after the Combaticon shoots the cyclops and blinds him. Whirl comes in close, seeking answers and revenge and... the unexpected happens. Swift Blade and Swivel get to watch the show!
  • Questioning the Law: Swift Blade chains herself to a memorial; Prowl cuts her down.
  • Twenty Questions; Not Nearly Enough Answers: What starts as a game of twenty questions quickly gets a lot more tense.
  • The Way They Stand: Blast Off starts to teach Swift Blade how to shoot firearms. Discussion of politics follows.
  • An Evening Flight: Swift Blade thanks Starscream for his aid so far; the two go for a nice flight.
  • History & Politics: Jazz and Arcee are on patrol; Swift Blade has questions; Hot Rod is Hot Rod.
  • A Swift Message: As directed by Quantumn, Swift Blade delivers a message to Blast Off.
  • Quantum Quandary: Yet another mech trying to convince Swift Blade of Blast Off's EVIL WAYS doesn't succeed.
Kaon Uprising
March 2015 Logs
  • Kaon Uprising: Decepticon Smackdown: The Bots arrest the Cons! Uprising over. Right?
  • The Show Must Go On: The big day arrives and Blast Off and Whirl face off in the Great Debate, putting on a show for all of Cybertron- long after the applause has faded.
  • Seeker Training: Starscream hauls Thundercracker out of the rerepair bay for training, though Thundercracker's attention is momentarily diverted by Silence. Swift Blade joins them later.
  • A Chance Collision in Kaon: Blast Off has a chance collision with a new resident and Swift Blade uses LOGIC to prevent the resulting fight.
  • Opinions Duly Ignored: Rumble is pleased with himself. Megatron shuts down Swift Blade.
  • Increasing Doubts: While practicing her shooting, Swift Blade shares more of her doubts with Blast Off.
  • Return to the Fold: Onslaught goes to bring Blast Off out of his self-imposed exile and back into the Combaticons.
  • Suspicious Changes: Swift Blade learns Quantum has joined the Decepticons; she doesn't quite trust his motives and tells Brawl as much.
  • Voicing Doubts: Blast Off and Swift Blade seek space for target practice, but life, and the radio, get in the way.


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