Name Swivel
Faction Neutral
Function Scout
Class Unknown
Alt Mode Reversable Wheeler
Species Original Character


Quick to excite but slow to anger, young Swivel has an unusually cheerful disposition despite the hard knocks afforded to those of a low caste.  Her agile and durable 4-wheeler altmode has made her adequate serve as a courier in times of peace, but would be useful as a scout in times of war.  Whilst her speed could not exceed that of a flying vehicle, her knack for shortcuts and knowledge of underground tunnels allows her to get around almost as freely, and for a fraction of the fuel.  And she enjoys every reckless minute of racing against the clock in some of the roughest terrains.


Swivel was forged in Nyon several hundred years prior to the Kaon Uprising. Had she been forged during a war, the femme would have been a scout. Instead she was relegated to the low caste as a mere courier.  Swivel was impressionable and accepting of the role drummed into her as she was indoctrinated into Cybertronian society.

Due to the nature of technology, there was little need for a live courier, especially one that could not fly. So after the novelty of upper caste keeping her as a gopher (someone who fetches things and does menial errands), she eventually was cast aside and lived life as an empty. Though used to petty crime and frugal living, Swivel maintained a cheerful outlook, honestly believing her lot in life was to be at the bottom. She had well insulated herself against a lot of the ugliness she lived among, and often attempted to bring cheer and hope where there was none. Often, she failed. Eventually, as awareness of the corruption of the government caused paranoia, people were less desirous to use government services to get their messages around. Some didn't trust radio transmissions in fear of being listened to. Thus the manual labour of a courier became increasingly in demand, which elevated Swivel from scavenger to an honest worker. Eventually a mech named Steamcore began a private courier agency in Nyon and recruited Swivel to work for him. Steamcore's Courier Services has been her main source of employment, but Swivel often picks up jobs in other polities as well. Despite her origins being in Nyon, Swivel has no residence, and just considers all of Cybertron her home.


Navigation, Panhandling, Bouncing Back, Milling Rumours, Stunt Driving, Frugality

Relevant NPCs

Steamcore: Manager of Steamcore's Courier Agency, a privately owned courier service for physical conveyance of messages and packages. The office is in Nyon, but will deliver globally for the right price. Steamcore has a don't ask don't tell policy about the contents of parcels and messages and emphasises the need for discretion among his employees. He gave Swivel work even though she was an empty. He is a strict employer, but not unfair.


Strength 58 Intelligence 58
Speed 68 Endurance
Rank Courage
Firepower 58 Skill 69
Hit Points Energon


Jewel - I'm Sensitive (lyrics)02:55

Jewel - I'm Sensitive (lyrics)

Delerium - Truly04:39

Delerium - Truly

Sheryl Crow-Soak up the sun lyrics-04:49

Sheryl Crow-Soak up the sun lyrics-



April 2015 Logs
Cops and Rebels
  • Troubles in Trouble: YX-939 has a sad update, then the NPD SCU comes to arrest Hot Rod with explosive results.
February 2015 Logs
  • Messages and Messengers: Swivel brings Hot Rod a message from Acuity, who he then goes to meet.
  • The Fragile: Blast Off gets repaired and Swivel tries convince Ruiner he's actually good, deep down. PROTIP: It doesn't matter.
  • Troubles in Trouble: YX-939 has a sad update, then the NPD SCU comes to arrest Hot Rod with explosive results.
  • Appropriate Responses: Blast Off and Swivel bump into each other. Swivel has a lot of questions for him.
  • Third Time's the Charm?: Soundwave approaches Swivel, seeking to recruit her for a task. There have been others asking her earlier- will the third time be the charm?
  • Good Tips, Bad News: What started as a good day turns bad when Hot Rod gives Swivel and YX-939 bad news.
  • No Dates Here: No one is on a date.
  • Spies and Cowards: In the end, they are all law-abiding citizens.
  • Missing Person: Swivel misplaced a disposable; Arcee's an okay Autobot; Quickswitch causes trouble; Hot Rod is trouble.
  • Quick Chat: A brief encounter between Quickswitch and Swivel at Maccadams.
  • Confessions and Seductions: YX-939 confesses something, and Thundercracker and Starscream get into a disagreement over a femme.
  • Something Bad: Swivel has another discussion with Blurr, albeit a less hostile one.
  • Relinquishment Clinic Raid: The Decepticons strike against a Relinquishment Clinic....
  • Sense and Insanities: Swivel mentions Shiftlock again- this time to Blast Off. Quantum and Sky-Byte decide to add themselves to the mix. This all bodes well for no one.
  • Rabble Rabble: A little informational gathering turns chaotic when the Enforcers arrive.
  • Ceramic Cat pt. 2: Swivel stays with an unconscious Flatline until help can arrive.
  • Ceramic Cat pt. 1: Flatline receives a delivery while Blurr is watching, ever suspicious of its contents.
  • Criminal Behavior: YX-939 is cautious, Swivel is concerned, and Hot Rod's a criminal.
  • Sense and Insensitivities: Swivel mentions Shiftlock.
  • What's In a Name?: Moonlight gets splash with some grime and Swivel is covered in it. They end up giving the little cleaning crew some names.
January 2015 Logs
  • It Takes All Kinds: An interesting mix of individuals congregate in a Nyon bar.
  • Jaded Optics: Some things are just too good to be true.
  • Racing & Rightness: There's a little talk of racing, a little talk of what's right.
  • Don't Knock the Insecticon: Swivel gets mad at a vendor and Thundercracker intervenes while Zephyr watches.
  • Thundercracker Heroics: Thundercracker helps Swivel out of a predicament.
  • Six Times the Trouble: Exodus, Panacea, and Blast Off encounter Quickswitch in Vos. Later, Blast Off encounters him again. Who will walk away and who will fall? (Or both? Or neither?)
  • A Femme of Integrity: Swivel tries to report a 'crime' to the police, but finds out that it wasn't even a crime to begin with...
  • Not Spying: Swivel catches Blurr in the act of rigging an old maintenance tunnel. It doesn't make her happy.
  • One of 'Those' Evenings: Starts off with Blast Off and Swift Blade in a bar and just gets crazier from that point on.
  • Stop Right There, Criminal Scum!: Freedom is not to be found for one fugitive.
  • Empowering Words: Swivel's morals are challenged. Blurr gives YX-939 even more reason to fear him.
  • Shut Up and Let Me Hug You-You Jerk: This is it- the showdown between Blast Off and Whirl after the Combaticon shoots the cyclops and blinds him. Whirl comes in close, seeking answers and revenge and... the unexpected happens. Swift Blade and Swivel get to watch the show!
  • Forge Scramble: Megatron receives a delivery and an unwanted guest.
  • Spying on Spying Spies: While investigating Kaon, Blurr and Arcee notice a suspicious femme. Blast Off spies on them spying on said femme.
  • Need Like a Shot to the Head: Whirl demands information from Blast Off, who responds with something else instead- leading to a medical call for Panacea and an unpleasant moment for Swivel.
  • A Blind Awakening: Whirl wakes up to find that he can't see. Swivel comes to check on him.
  • Another Cycle in Nyon: A bunch of people converge on where Whirl was sitting in the gutter. Conversation happens.
Kaon Uprising
March 2015 Logs
  • A Kindred Spirit: Rung interrogates Swivel.
  • Whirl WHAT?: Pursuit informs others of Whirl's stated intentions and a full on panic for Swivel ensues.
  • A Visitation: Feint tries to give Megatron hope only to have hers completely crushed.
  • Jailbirds: A few jailbirds in their cells.
  • Kaon Uprising: Decepticon Smackdown: The Bots arrest the Cons! Uprising over. Right?
  • Recruitment Boid: Swivel check on Backdrop. Buzzsaw swoops in to make a recruitment pitch.
  • Jealousy: Backdrop is jealous of Blurr.
  • So sad, so mad: Swivel and Paddles attempt to console a mourning Backdrop, then Blurr shows up and ruins the moment.
  • Salvage and Stealing: Swivel and Backdrop play a game of Salvage... then Swivel gets robbed.
  • Introducing Backdrop: YX-939 has a new identity, and now he is getting a new job. And then some seekers get up to shenanigans.
  • Party All Night Long: There is a massive party in Ibex.
  • Something Incredibly Stupid(tm): Swivel takes rather drastic measures in order to prove a point.
  • Thundercracker saves Swivel (Again): Swivel learns that handing out energon in the Dead End is a fast way to make new 'friends'. Thundercracker bails her out (again).
  • Autobot Places: Swivel goes to an Autobot Place, and gets pampered for the first time in a while.
  • Temper Tantrums: Blurr tries to get information out of Swivel. She refuses. Tantrums ensue.
  • Speeches and Teaches: Hot Rod and YX-939 return to the Acropolex to catch up with Swivel, and Orion Pax brings a medic in for repairs.
  • Recall: The YX units have been recalled. Swivel and Moonlight have objections to that.

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