Name Tailgate
Faction Neutral
Function Waste Disposal
Class Unknown
Alt Mode Car
Species Feature Character


Tailgate is a minibot recently (accidentally) uncovered from the Mitteous Plateau; seems he was stuck down there for a few million years. To make things worse, he totally missed the launch of the Ark-1. Now he's just trying to figure out this new world he has landed in, and his place in it.


Tailgate's records begin three million years ago; born in Rivet's Field on Cybertron two weeks before the launch of the Ark-1, Tailgate was assigned to a low ranking sanitation role and given the job of cleaning the Ark-1's coolant tubes before take-off. He was late to the job-- and in the end, Tailgate never made it there at all. If anyone noticed, they never looked for him. As a low caste bot with a basic role, Tailgate was unimportant enough to be subsequently forgotten in the ongoing flow of Cybertronian time.

What's a little bot to do?


Yarn-spinning, waste disposal procedures. Maybe bombs too. Ingenuousness. Making it up as he goes. That works, right?


Strength 57/57 Intelligence 69
Speed 79 Endurance
Rank Courage
Firepower 52/52 Skill 65
Hit Points Energon


November 2014 Logs
  • What Lies Beneath: Scouting around beneath the city in an attempt to find their way into the Institute via the basement, what they find is SOMEONE ELSE (dun dun dun).

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