Name Thunderblast
Faction Decepticons
Function Aquatic Warfare
Class Unknown
Alt Mode Missile Boat
Species Deluxe Feature Character
Subgroup Camien


"Megatron, I'm a friend! I want to crash your party!"

Thunderblast is obsessed with power. She craves it, but rather than directly attaining it herself, she instead seeks to gain power by latching onto a male Decepticon who has it. She forms an instant infatuation with the strongest Decepticon she can find - but as soon as the power structure shifts, so does the focus of her affections. Though she's fickle and flighty (and greedy and selfish and opportunistic and vain and overconfident and--!) she's not stupid. She knows how to use her wiles to get what she wants and is always looking for suckers  to manipulate to her advantage. She knows Autobots are generally reluctant to shoot at a female (especially one as pretty as she thinks she is) and uses that to her advantage as long as she can - at least, long enough to give them a face full of missiles. She's an effective warrior as most are on land but when it comes to aquatic combat, few can match her skill. In vehicle mode, she is able to move through and in any liquid material at mach 1, and her hull is resistant to extreme temperatures and pressures, from the void of space to the churning magma of a planet's core. She carries a quad missile launcher with explosive plasma charges that can be used in either mode. Thunderblast's mood can change at the drop of a bolt, and her impulsive, flirty, power-hungry nature often earn her as many enemies as it does would-be suitors.


Originally from the colony world of Caminus, Thunderbolt was convinced to join Strika in an attempt to overthrow the colony's leadership and parliamentary government. The coup failed, and she and the rest of Team Chaar were sent to Garrus-1 and sealed in whiteout vaccuums until just before the end of Sentinel Prime's reign, where they were unsealed in hopes of reconditioning them into soldiers loyal to Sentinel. A warning from the lone escapee of the group, Slipstream, allowed for Team Chaar's members to be rescued by a prison break planned by Megatron .

She's apparently one of Swindle's old flames.

Thunderblast has since taken quite the liking to Megatron. His power and position are just sooooo dreamy.

She's probably barking up the wrong tree.


Aquatic Combat, Marine Warfare, Marksmanship, Breaking And Entering, Setting The Movement Back 100 Years, Mood Swinger, Hot For Megatron.


May 2015 Logs



"It's okay, Caminus adapted us to have gender," they said. "Don't worry, we're sure the armor is big enough," they said.


Box art.



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