Ultra Magnus
Name Ultra Magnus
Faction Autobot
Function Legal Advisor
Class Unknown
Alt Mode Armored Carrier Truck
Species EFC


"Consistency is victory." Staid stickler for rules and champion of order above all, Ultra Magnus is in charge of keeping everyone on the straight and narrow, both in his official capacity with the Diplomatic Corps keeping the Autobots in line, and in all other areas of life.   


Continuing a career of staid efficiency, Ultra Magnus took a post with the Autobots specifically to ensure that the guardians of order remain organized and correct.


  • Investigation
  • Combat
  • Combat Driving
  • Organization
  • Structure
  • Knowledge: Law
  • Knowledge: History
  • Knowledge: Order
  • Knowledge: Procedure
  • Knowledge: Regulations
  • Pamphlets


December 2014 Logs
February 2015 Logs
January 2015 Logs
  • No One Above the Law: Clench is dead, Megatron is in charge of the Forge, so it's time for the Autobots to take action. At least plan to take action.
Kaon Uprising
November 2014 Logs
October 2014 Logs
  • Sky Byte's (Many) Blunders: Sky Byte tries to get out of a fine. He ends up making it worse. Arcee gets lectured. Again.
  • Consulting: Chromedome is happy. Ultra Magnus will put a stop to that.
  • Sound Judgment: Arcee gets lectured by Prowl and Ultra Magnus, and receives her first is not a good day.
  • Law & Order: Prowl and Ultra Magnus lecture Nautica. Poor Nautica...
September 2014 Logs
  • CSI: Rodion: Hot Rod does a little unlicensed investigating, to predictable results in a scene that involves Ultra Magnus.



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