Name Vortex
Faction Decepticon
Function Interrogation
Class Unknown
Alt Mode Rotorcraft
Species Feature Character
Subgroup Combaticon


Vortex loves to instill fear in his captives. He's studied the art of interrogation, and his tactics capitalize on his victims' fear of pain and death to squeeze information out of them. He'll drag them around while in helicopter mode, dangling them over treacherous terrain while spinning about wildly. Disoriented and terrified, his captives are often willing to spill any information to get the "ride" to stop. Not surprisingly, the only thing Vortex likes more than the interrogation itself is its completion, when he drops his victims to their deaths. A member of the Primal Vanguard, Vortex  was imprisoned in Garrus-1 for siding with his colony world home over Cybertron. In vehicle mode, Vortex is highly manueverable and travels at  speeds of up to 300mph for long distances. His rotor blades possess the ability to create 200-300mph wind funnels that he has moderate directional control over. In both root and altmode, he is armed with semi-automatic epoxy guns to lock a target in place, immobilized, and twin magnetic railguns. He has no known physical weaknesses.  


Vortex was once a member of the Primal Vanguard.  However, when civil war struck, he followed his Commander Onslaught in the decision of exerting loyalty to Combaticon.  Unfortunately, they were on the losing side and thus his entire military unit were imprisoned at Garrus-1.  How he came to be freed from that dreadful place is subject to debate, and the copter-former would never give anyone a straight answer on the matter.   Once a free mech, Vortex reveled in it after a long term incarceration, and at times, would disappear for many cycles at a time only to reappear.  It took time for Onslaught to 'whip him back into shape' and cementing the mech's shattered loyalty took time.  But eventually, he became an invaluable asset working under Onslaught, who had led his team as a group of mercenaries.  However, one mission required Vortex to go deep under cover, and communications from him became less and less.  Vortex resurfaced, more or less considering his work a success, but to his chagrin a change in circumstances rendered the results of his work no longer relevant.  After this stint, he rejoined Onslaught and the other combaticons, who had thrown their lot in with the Decepticons.


Aerial Combat, Interrogation, Torture, Psychological Warfare, Mr. Vortex's Wild Ride, Cheerful Sociopath.


Strength 43 Intelligence 91
Speed 61 Endurance
Rank Courage
Firepower 79 Skill 95
Hit Points Energon


March 2015 Logs
  • Whirl WHAT?: Pursuit informs others of Whirl's stated intentions and a full on panic for Swivel ensues.
  • A Visitation: Feint tries to give Megatron hope only to have hers completely crushed.
  • Jailbirds: A few jailbirds in their cells.
  • The Show Must Go On: The big day arrives and Blast Off and Whirl face off in the Great Debate, putting on a show for all of Cybertron- long after the applause has faded.
  • Confession: Blast Off arrives at the new Combaticon Bunker with something to confess to Onslaught. Question is will he tell and who might already know.
  • A Glass and Some Class: Vortex and Blast Off share a bottle of fine wine and discuss caste and the importance of setting an example.
  • The Meek and the Mighty: The mechs are mighty; Silence is not.
  • No Secrets Here: Vortex invites Blast Off for a chat in a cafe. No ulterior motives. No secrets. No, of course not.
  • Blast Off: Exhibits A and B: Blast Off is brought back in pieces; Zephyr works to put him back together, despite distractions.
  • Clash in Perihex: The Combaticons come to Perihex looking to steal a nanolathe- the Autobots come to stop them.
  • Afterburner Grenade: Prowl and Sky Lynx work on sequestering energon and supplies. Starscream decides to test a new weapon on them.
  • Combaticons Unite: Onslaught brings all his Combaticons together for a MASTER PLAN of domination.

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